If you're looking for unique ways to explore the city of Bullhead and Laughlin, this guide will help you learn everything about the place. Read on!

Visit Laughlin and Bullhead City

The Laughlin/Bullhead City area is no stranger to fun. Visitors will find a wealth of hotel accommodations, diverse entertainment venues, and perfect weather for year-round visits. Nearly 2 million visitors a year come to the region to take advantage of the fantastic water sports, world-class performers, great food and good times for all.

For more information about the area, go to Bullhead Area Chamber of Commerce, Laughlin Chamber of Commerce, Mohave Valley Chamber of Commerce and Visit Laughlin.

Oatman AZ

The Fun and Unique Town of Oatman

Oatman, Arizona is mining town with a rich history where miners and gold seekers spent the late 1800s into the 20th century. And as the town's fortunes and riches dwindled by the year of the 1960s, Oatman was then abandoned thus becoming the ghost town it is today.

But given the long and rich history, Oatman is now one of the best places for tourists to visit who are looking for a great day trip. You can personally experience a wild west life through their Outlaw Shootout; a free cowboy gunfight show that is held every afternoon.

You can also visit the unique souvenir shops around the town including the famous Glory Hole Museum where you can find all the artifacts, memorabilia, and antiques like mining equipment. Another interesting place to check out in Oatman is their hotel. Although they are not accepting any overnight stays, you can still enjoy their food like their famous buffalo burger. There are tons of fun and exciting things to do in Oatman. So if you are around Laughlin/Bullhead Airport, make sure to visit Oatman Town to witness the history of the place, and at the same time, see the Wild Burros roaming around the area.

The Town of Oatman is 30 miles away from Laughlin and is located on the infamous Route 66.

The Wonders of Grand Canyon West

Go big and explore Grand Canyon West. Witness the beauty of this place, one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World! If you are into majestic adventures, the Grand Canyon will let you enjoy popular viewpoints such as, Skywalk, including the Eagle and Guano Points.

The Grand Canyon Western Rim is one of the most visited regions due to its amazing rock formations, sightseeing opportunities, and wildlife. The West Rim can also offer nerve-wracking activities such as the extreme fun on the Skywalk Bridge -- a glass floor overhang 4,000 feet up where you can test your vertigo and see straight down. 

Want to satisfy your food cravings while enjoying the panoramic view of the Grand Canyon? Then you should visit Sky View Restaurant. This place can make your food trip extra special because they offer a perfect spot where you can enjoy an ice-cold beer and many American foods. More fun activities are waiting for you like zip line, hiking, boating, and rafting.

Grand Canyon West can be traveled either by car, helicopter, bus service, and/or airplane tour from Las Vegas. Whatever works for you, you can be sure that your visit will be one for the books!

Grand Canyon

Things To Do In Laughlin, NV

Laughlin is a great city to visit. It has several things to do every day of the week, just about everywhere you go, from shopping at the mall to enjoying our pedestrian-friendly downtown.

Mechanic in classic car restoration workshop

Don Laughlin’s Classic Car Collection

If you are a fan of vintage cars, check out Don Laughlin’s Classic Car Collection. This car museum is within the premises of Don Laughlin’s Riverside Resort Hotel and Casino.

It offers a great collection of over 80 vintage and unique cars worldwide, including classics such as the Bugatti, Ferrari, and Lamborghini. All the classic cars are from private collections, some from Don Laughlin’s car collection himself.

Don Laughlin Car Museum has 2 different levels with an area of as much as 30,000 sq ft. It offers free admission to anyone with a casino player card from the resort hotel and casino. If you don’t have a card, you have to pay the $2 entrance fee. This museum is open seven days a week.

Don Laughlin’s Classic Car Collection is one of the most visited museums in Laughlin; it is a nice spot to go to when you are a fan of cars and museums.


Laughlin Riverwalk is a paved pathway extending along the Colorado River, where you can enjoy the city skyline and serene scenery. It is a perfect outdoor activity for tourists who love just to stroll and take a breath of fresh air.

There are plenty of great things to see on the Laughlin Riverwalk. One of the greatest sights is the Colorado River, which flows through downtown Laughlin. This is also a great place to walk or ride your bike.

The main trail has a distance of one mile, which extends along the length of the main city. However, if you enjoy strolling, you can extend your walk into the Colorado River Heritage Park. The Riverwalk is more popular at night when you can see the beautiful lights of different Laughlin Hotels and casinos.

RV Camping at Laughlin, Nevada
Snow on mountain pine trees

Christmas Tree Pass

Are you looking for a great way to explore the amazing scenery of the Newberry Mountains and the Colorado River Valley? Then check out the Christmas Tree Pass.

The Christmas Tree Pass is a 12-mile gravel road that features the scenic views of Colorado River Valley and the Mojave Desert. The drive begins just near Laughlin and ends at Searchlight, Nevada. The name “Christmas Tree Pass” pertains to the road’s highest point because of the abundant juniper trees in that area.

Many tourists who reach the highest point decorate the juniper trees with different ornaments. If you want to hike, there are also some nice hiking trails around the mountains.

UTV Adventure to Lake Mohave

Lake Mohave is an artificial reservoir along the Nevada and Arizona Border. It’s located north of Laughlin on the Colorado River. This lake was named after the Native Indians who previously resided in the area.

What better way to enjoy the scenic Lake Mohave than to take the UTV adventure going there? The UTV adventure is a private desert escapade arranged by the OUI Experience.

Visiting the beautiful lake allows tourists to spend some time away from the city, with various water activities and campgrounds for those who wish to stay overnight. Outdoor activities include fishing, kayaking, swimming, boating, hiking, biking, and horse riding.

ATV Kicking up dirt while driving fast
Rock Formation, Grapevine Canyon, Nevada

Hike Grapevine Canyon

If you are into hiking, do not miss out on Grapevine Canyon. The Grapevine Canyon is located outside of Laughlin, Nevada, and features a 3.3-mile trail. You will certainly get the best of both worlds when you hike Grapevine Canyon, as you can see the spectacular view of the area while hiking the beautiful canyon!

The Grapevine Canyon Trail is located in Lake Meade National Recreation Area, and it will lead you by Ancient Native American petroglyphs and various waterfalls. The hike rises to about 400 feet in elevation.

When you plan to hike the Grapevine Canyon, don’t forget to wear good shoes, bring lots of water, and apply sunblock on your body.

Sunset Dinner Cruise

After a full day of outdoor adventure, you can finally relax and enjoy the sunset view by taking a Celebration Riverboat Sunset Cruise. The sunset cruise provides you with a beautiful view of the Laughlin skyline, starting from the dock near the Aquarius Hotel and traveling along the Laughlin Strip for two hours.

Dinner and drinks are both served as you enjoy the amazing sunset and neon lights. After dinner, you will also get to enjoy live music while looking at the beautiful Laughlin view.

Yacht and Sailboar on the water at Sunset
Speed Boat on the water

Jet Boat on the Colorado River

Enjoy the clear and bright waters of the Colorado River while taking a jet boat tour to Lake Havasu City. The jet boat tour starts from the Laughlin Strip and takes you to Topok Gorge, a stunning place that’s only accessible when you ride a boat.

On Topok Gorge, you will get to enjoy the bright emerald waters splashing against the rust-colored stone; it’s indeed a photocard image.

The jet boat tour ends at the base of London Bridge in Lake Havasu City. You can enjoy the view of the iconic London Bridge from the river.

There are various jet boat rentals with professionals that can help you sail through the majestic Colorado River.

Day Trip to Havasu City

Havasu City is a great place to go on vacation, enjoy the sun, and relax along the shores of the beautiful Colorado River. It offers different outdoor activities to tourists, from shopping, all kinds of water sports to simply relaxing and taking a breather.

You can enjoy jet skiing, kayaking, boating, and renting pontoons to relax on the Colorado River. There are also plenty of local artisan shops and delicious restaurants to visit. Taking a day trip to Havasu City is indeed worth it!


Things to do in Bullhead City, AZ

The stunningly beautiful Bullhead City is home to several of the most famous landmarks in Arizona. You’ll find plenty to do in this small but popular city, from the historic Old Town Bullhead City to the world-renowned Bullhead Casino. Here are some ideas for things to do in this charming town.

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Colorado River Museum

If you enjoy museums and historical facts and trivia, you should not miss out on the Colorado River Museum. It’s located on Highway 68 and has culture, history, and rich stories to tell about Arizona, all in one place.

This historical museum was built in the 1940s and is housed in an old church. It focuses on the history of the construction of Davis Dam, route 66, and the surrounding towns and rivers.

The museum is a treasure trove of artifacts and memorabilia from the area’s past, including gold mining, ranching, and Native American history. It is not open the entire day, so it’s better to check their website when you decide to go.

Big Bend Colorado River

Big Bend is a wonderfully scenic location with miles of wide, sandy beaches. Go fishing, swim, or just relax on the sand while you enjoy the sun and the water, located on Needles Highway. Because this area is elevated, it’s the go-to spot for most tourists to escape the heat.

Big Bend Colorado River is a state park where families can bring their children to enjoy the shallow areas of the river. There are also camping sites for tourists who love to spend the night.

Arizona meander Horseshoe Bend
boy and little girl at excursion in historical museum

Mohave Museum of History and Arts

Another famous museum perfect for tourists is the Mohave Museum of History of Arts. This museum is located on West Beale Street in Kingman; it is a family-friendly and educational site that traces the history of the Colorado River and its surrounding communities.

The most popular exhibit in this historical museum is the gallery featuring portraits of former presidents with their wives. Exhibits, on the other hand, feature the history and economy of the region.

Mohave Museum does not require you to pay much, except for the admission fee. They accept donations for the continuous operation of the museum.

Scooters Family Fun Center

Scooters Family Fun Center is a great place to spend a day with your family in Bullhead City. It is the best place whether you want to go for a ride on the mini-golf course, play go-karts or just take in some great views!

The fun center features 18-hole mini-golf courses equipped with sand traps and waterfalls and go-kart tracks for kids and adults where everyone in the family can certainly enjoy!

Scooters Family Fun Center offers various activities packages, including admissions and tokens to their arcades and pizzerias.

Camping in the woods. Mother, Father, and Son with grill and guitar.
White Water Rafting

Desert River Outfitters

Wouldn’t you like to explore the Colorado River and the landscape of Arizona? Get a guided river trip with Desert River Outfitters, and you’ll find out what desert and river life is really like.

Desert River Outfitters offers different boat and jetski rentals, as well as canoe and kayak sales. You will get to enjoy desert paddling while passing through deep canyons, majestic rock formations, desert wildlife, and other historical and cultural sites of Bullhead City.

All guided tours range from 3 to 4 hours, and all packages include pick-up, drop-off, and the boats and gear you need. You can bring your kids to all guided tours; you can also choose which destinations you like to explore, including:

● Lake Mohave
● Davis Dam
● Rotary Park
● Topock Gorge

The River Passage Water Taxi

The gorgeous Colorado River may be the main attraction, but the river is also home to an amazing diversity of wildlife. The River Passage Water Taxi takes you through Colorado's scenic surroundings and lets you experience some of its best natural beauty.

The US Coast Guard has each River Taxi for safe and efficient river travel. River Taxis connect most of the area’s casinos and hotels, making it easier to get to your destination. Trying out Water Taxis gives you the chance to experience Bullhead City on a unique ride on the water.

Boat On the Water
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Black Bear Diner

After a day full of gambling and outdoor activities, enjoy sumptuous and fulfilling meals at Black Bear Diner. This famous diner is located along the banks of the Colorado River.

Black Bear Diner is open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. They also have separate menus for their famous desserts and other meals with different nutritional alternatives.

Some of their popular dishes for lunch or dinner include Western BBQ Burger, roasted Turkey Pesto sandwich, and their homemade Fried Chicken with country gravy on the side.

Katherine Landing at Lake Mohave Marina

Katherine Landing is a must-visit experience that has attracted guests from all over the world for its sunny weather, making it a perfect place to spend the day no matter when you visit. It is located in the heart of Lake Mohave, which offers various water activities such as swimming, boating, fishing, wakeboarding, scuba diving, and water skiing.

Rare historical attractions also surround Katherine Landing, such as the Katherine gold Mine discovered during the 1900s.

Boats and yachts moored in harbour