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Flying Drones Near Laughlin Bullhead International Airport

UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) Quadcopters or most popularly known as "drones" have created a real buzz not just for pilots but also for a hobbyists. Here at Laughlin Bullhead International Airport, we understand that you want to fly your drone but it is important to adhere to the set guidelines from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). So if you live in the area or are visiting, make sure to secure authorization from the FAA either through FAA DroneZone or LAANC so you can enjoy flying above and beyond while also appropriately sharing the airspace with other manned and unmanned aircraft.

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Guidelines to Follow When Flying Near Laughlin Bullhead International Airport

Flying a drone near an airport is restricted without approval. The FAA has put together a comprehensive set of guidelines to help you understand the best way to fly.

Part 107 Drone Pilots

The US Part 107 permits Drone Pilots to fly within controlled airspace near an airport provided they have received authorization for their flight via LAANC.

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Securing LAANC Authorization

Pilot 107 and Recreational flyers need to get their LAANC authorization through the FAA-approved LAANC mobile apps and websites. There are many services out there, including a few of the following.

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