Traveling With Comfort and Pleasure

Live in comfort and ease when visiting IFP Airport. Here you will find everything you need to make your travel experience more fun and comfortable. From pre-security to post-security, you'll get the best treatment through our airport amenities. Enjoy your time at the International Fun Place.

Woman paying in the parking Machine in the airport with a suitcase

Pre-Security Amenities


Vending Machines

Feeling hungry or thirsty? Vending machines can be found around the IFP Airport. From your favorite sodas and juices to snacks, you can have a wide array of options to choose from to make your waiting more convenient.


Drinking Fountains

Stay hydrated all the time. IFP offers drinking fountains that can be found in common areas or even in airport terminals.



Stay connected with the world while waiting for your flight schedule. IFP will let you connect to the Internet so you can surf, chat, and even watch movies to keep yourself entertained.


ATM Machines

There are ATM Machines that are situated around the IFP Airport. If you want to withdraw some money to add to your travel budget, you can be sure that your needs will be catered to well in IFP.

Beautiful young woman wearing a medical mask due to the coronavirus COVID 19 relaxing on the massage chair in airport or in the mall.

Post-Security Amenities



While waiting for your flight, get comfy in style at our airport lounge. Enjoy the experience of waiting as you access the facilities available such as the food and beverages and a soothing place where you can rest or do some important work.



The airport wifi continues throughout the airport. Stay in touch or plan your travels while waiting for your flight.


Televisions On the Airport Networks

Catch up with your favorite TV shows, sports, and or news while waiting for a flight. 


Snack Bar

Grab a delicious bite before boarding with IFP's Snack Bar. From cold sandwiches, snacks like popcorn, to drinks like coffee, satisfy your hunger with quality foods available at the airport snack bar.


Pet Relief Area

Got a furry friend with you? IFP Airport provides a pet relief area for your fur babies. Furry travelers have their private restrooms to cater to the needs of your pet.


Massage Chairs

Relieve your stress and enjoy a quick yet relaxing massage with IFP's massage chairs. Go and refresh your mind and body before your trip.


Charging Tables

Worry no more because, at IFP, you are free to use the charging tables for you to fully charge your phones and or laptops.


ATM Machines

ATM Machines are also available post-security. Always have cash handy for your convenience.


Artwork On-Site

Admire the sculptures from Dr. Thomas Dallman while waiting for your flight. IFP Airport exhibits the local artist's sculptures to give the tourists and passengers a taste of Laughlin's culture and a sense of place to enhance the overall travel experience of the tourists and passengers.